FEMA Camps Debunked-Alaska

Eareckson AS, Alaska

The claim: Shemya Island, 7,200

What it really is: Eareckson Air Station is a remote Air Force base located on Shemya Island. While there are several structures on the island, none of them are large enough to hold large amounts of prisoners in and are obviously for base personal and operation


Clear AFS, Alaska

The claim: Anderson, ?

What it really is: Clear Air Force Station is a remote Air Force radar base that is part of NORAD.

While the base itself is pretty big, there aren’t many buildings there as there would for a typical Air Force base, and most of the buildings there are dedicated to either housing radar equipment or base personal.

Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska

The claim: Adak Island, 65,000

What it really is: Naval Air Facility Adak was closed in in 1997, and is now the Adak Airport.

Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The claim: East of Fairbanks

What it really is: Actually it’s inside Fairbanks city limits.

With the exception of perhaps the Bassett Army Community Hospital, nothing there looks like something you would find on a prison camp, and considering that it is within the city limits, it would be hard hide a prison camp there.

Eielson AFB, Alaska

The claim: Southeast of Fairbanks. Operation Garden Plot facility.

What it really is: It’s a large Air Force base that’s only a couple of miles from Fairbanks, and has a highway running through it.

There are family housing units there, and none of the buildings there looks like what you would find in a typical prison camp.

Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

The claim: Northeast area of Anchorage – far end of base. Garden Plot facility.

What it really is: It’s an Air Force base within Anchorage that was built right before World War Two.

The base itself is pretty compact for an Air Force base, but still, none of the buildings look like something from a prison camp, and actually look like what you would find on a typical Air Force base.

Also, it would be pretty hard to hide prison camp around a city as large as Anchorage.

Wilderness, Alaska

The claim: East of Anchorage. No roads, Air & Railroad access only. Estimated capacity of 500,000

What it really is: I was about to brush this off as being not having enough information, but I decided to go to one of these FEMA camp websites that actually had the location pinned on Google maps, and I took a look at the pinned location in satellite view, and the only things I found around there were a few houses and roads,  a highway, and nothing that can hold half a million people.