FEMA Camps Debunked-Arkansas

Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Little Rock, 11,373

What it really is: The only C-130 training base for the Department of Defense.

While the base contains several large buildings, none of them are large enough to hold thousands of people, and appear to be for housing or plane maintenance.

Ira Eaker AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Blytheville, 3,931

What it really is: Eaker AFB was closed in 1994. Now the Arkansas International Airport. Originally called Blythville AFB.

Omaha, Arkansas

The claim: Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.

What it really is: It’s just your typical small town, with it’s largest buildings being a couple of schools, some stores, and some churches.

Berryville, Arkansas

The claim: FEMA facility located east of Eureka Springs off Hwy. 62.

What it really is: Using Google maps I’ve found numerous large buildings in this area, but most of them are commercial properties, and none of them look a prison camp.

Blythville AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Closed airbase now being used as camp. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. Classic decorations – guard towers, barbed wire, high fences.

What it really is: Eaker Air Force Base (which is it’s actual name) was closed in 1992, and is now the Arkansas International Airport. The only military presence there is the Arkansas National Guard that uses the airport for helicopter training.

Rohwer, Arkansas

The claim: Descha County – site of WWII Japanese camps

What it really is: Only a few structures of this former camp remain.

In 1992 the camp was declared a National Historic Landmark, and is opened to the public.

Jerome, Arkansas

The claim: Chicot/Drew Counties – site of WWII Japanese camps

What it really is: There was a Japanese interment camp here, but it is long gone.

The town itself is very small, with the largest buildings there being a couple of small warehouses that are not surrounded by any fences

Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas

The claim: This location also is the repository for B-Z nerve agent, which causes sleepiness, dizziness, stupor; admitted use is for civilian control.

What it really is: The site did house BZ, but the facility the housed it was destroyed in 1999.

The site itself, while large, mostly contains small buildings used for storage.

Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas

The claim: (near Fort Smith, Arkansas) – Has new runway for aircraft, new camp facility with cap of 40,000 prisoners

What it really is: Fort Chaffee is a National Guard base for the state of Arkansas.

The base has also been used to house refugees. In 2005 it was used to house 10,000 people affected by Hurricane Katrina. Any one of those people could have seen a prison camp there, if it was there, and yet none have.


FEMA Camps Debunked-Arizona.

Author’s note:  I apologize for the pause in posts…. was taking a quick break…. Onto the article!

Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

The claim: Tucson, 11,000

What it really is: A major Air Force base in Arizona.

While the base itself contains several large buildings, none of them appear to be the types you would find in a prison cam,. The base is also surrounded by numerous houses, making hiding anything like a prison camp difficult.

Sedona, Arizona

The claim: site of possible UN base.

What it really is: A bogus claim.

Using Google maps I took a look at the area. There is nothing there that resembles a UN or any other type of military base.

Wickenburg, Arizona

The claim: Airport is ready for conversion; total capacity unknown.

What it really is: The Wickenburg Municipal Airport is a public airport with only one runway. If it was being made ready for conversion, it would have been noticed by far more people.

Florence, Arizona

The claim: WWII prison camp NOW RENOVATED, OPERATIONAL with staff & 400 prisoners, operational capacity of 3,500.

What it really is: Using Google maps I took a look at the general area where the prison camp was (which was north of the city), and there is nothing there except some farms and some houses.

Now there are in fact two prisons located in Florence (the Arizona State Prison Complex – Eyman, and the Arizona State Prison Complex – Florence) both of which are run by the Arizona Department of Corrections and not the federal government.

Phoenix, Arizona

The claim: Federal Prison Satellite Camp. Main federal facility expanded.

What it really is: FCI Phoenix is a medium security prison for male offenders, with minimum security prison camp for female offenders. the prison holds 1,180 prisoners, with 300 in the prison camp.

I’ve also taken a look a photos of when the after the prison was built and the prison today. The claim that the prison has been expanded is false.

Yuma County, Arizona

The claim: Colorado River – Site of former Japanese detention camp (near proving grounds). This site was completely removed in 1990 according to some reports.

What it really is: The most likely internment camp this is being refereed to is the Poston War Relocation Center, which is located in what is now La Paz County (although it had been part of Yuma County until La Paz in 1983).

Several of the buildings there are still in use today, but many others are either deteriorating, or have been removed. Much of the residential areas have also been converted in agricultural use.

Pinal County, Arizona

The claim: on the Gila River – WWII Japanese detention camp. May be renovated.

What it really is: The Gila River War Relocation Center, located in the Gila River Indian Reservation was shut down in 1945. Most of the structures that were there are long since gone. Public access to the site is restricted because the land is own by the Gila River Indian Tribe, and the land is consider sacred to them.


Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

The claim: 20 miles from Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales Rex ’84 facility.

What it really is: The army base is headquarters of the Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS), and other tenants include the NETCOM/9th Signal Command (A), the United States Army Intelligence Center,  Joint Interoperability Test Command, Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC) and the Electronic Proving Ground. The base is also home to the Western Division of the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center (AATTC).

The base itself was designated a National Historical Landmark in 1976. The base also contains two museums (the Fort Huachuca Museum and the US Army Intelligence Museum) as well as being the late summer training grounds for the Arizona Wildcats.

In other words, the base is accessible to the public.



FEMA Trains and Coffins-Debunked!

There are multiple photos floating around the internet showing thousands of these plastic burial vaults in highly visible, outdoor storage facilities. Some of these vaults are along major roads and highways, and are very easy to find and access. Many of these facilities don’t even have fences around them, and would allow anyone who wanted to, to go up to one of these places and have a look around.

It seems a tad bit odd the government would have them out in the open like this if they were going to be used in a massive conspiracy to kill millions. This leads to the question that if this was part of some huge conspiracy to kill off millions of people, then why would they be out in the open like they are?

Also, if the government was planning to murder millions, then why would they bother to put the bodies in plastic burial vaults in the first place, when it would be easier and cheaper to bury the bodies without a burial vault?

The only purpose for burial vaults is to protect the casket and the body inside from the dirt outside of it, which would also explain why these vaults are so large and look like they could hold three or four people. So it makes no sense that the government is willing to protect the bodies of millions of people that it’s going to allegedly murder.

Now the government does in fact buy burial vaults, but it’s through the Department of Veteran’s affairs, and they’re to bury solders who have been killed overseas and veterans who fought in past wars and earned the right to a free military funeral.

The reality is that these burial vaults that are in these photos are not owned by the government, but are owned private companies who also manufacture these vaults, and these places that are in these photos where they store their finished product.

The reason why there is such large amounts of these burials vaults at these facilities is not because they are being stored for a future mass murder, but because it is necessary due to fact that 2.5 million people die every year in the United States.

If the government was going to kill the millions that conspiracy theorists claim they would, they would require a lot more burial vaults then whats being held at these facilities.

Another one of the claims made by conspiracy theorists is that trains will be used to transport the plastic burial vaults and the bodies within to where ever they are going to be buried, or be used to either deport people to prison camps.

One of the most common types of train cars that is claimed the government will use to haul these bodies in is called the Autorack. By the name alone most people can tell that they are to be used for hauling… cars, and that’s all they’re used for. In fact, that’s all they’re designed for, and they’re quite common.

There are many videos on Youtube that show these trains with something like “FEMA train” in the title. The problem with these videos is that they never show burial vaults ever being put into them, or unloaded. Most of the time these trains going are just going by, and you can’t really see into them very well.

There is simply no evidence that these “FEMA trains” exist, and that in reality they’re nothing more then car transports.

With these claims shown to be nothing more then severe misunderstandings it can be easily dismissed as being nothing more then anti-government paranoia.

Is that a FEMA… trunk?

By Thomas Proffit of Is “That a FEMA Camp”

Recently on a Facebook skeptics group that I belong to someone posted a very “curious” looking photo, along with the commentary by the person whom posted photo the somewhere else on Facebook:


Now the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that photo was, “Wow… that trailer needs a good wash.”
All joking aside ofcourse what really came to my mind was that the words on the truck looked like it was put on there via digital photo manipulation (i.e. photoshopped) and even if it wasn’t, then so what?
Now my first argument for why it is photoshopped is because of another photo that looks almost exactly like the first one provided to me via Illuminutti.com:fema-03_flat_600px
Now clearly the second picture is photoshopped, and to be all honest it’s not even that good of a photoshop job either.
Ofcourse just because the second photo has clearly been digitally manipulated, I have to admit that it does not mean that the first photo has been digitally manipulated as well. If you look closely at the bottom words “FEMA DISASTER RELIEF” that while the font style used for the letters are similar to the ones on the top, they are infact different.
If the first photo was photoshopped, the second photoshopped photo was probably done by someone else whom used the closest font style that they could find to the original words… unless the person whom created the original photo forgot the original font style that they used.
Now another reason why I think the photo has been digitally manipulated is because of the trailer itself.
Besides just being in need of a good wash, it is clearly a used trailer due to the fact that there is a company logo right next to “FEMA DISASTER RELIEF”, as well as a logo on the truck that is pulling the trailer.
So if this photo was real, what it would tell me isn’t that FEMA is planning on “something” evil, it’s that they’re moving a trailer from one location to another to another, probably for some bureaucratic reasons, or it’s being driven around just to make sure that everything is okay with it and the truck that’s pulling it (and before you point out that the person claims that it’s coming from a FBI building in Virginia I should like to point out that I don’t take such claims seriously unless I have more proof that it really did come from a FBI building in Virginia).
Also, if the photo is real then it tells me is that FEMA is pretty underfunded if the only big rigs they can afford to buy are used and can’t be washed every so often due to funding…
Now this brings me to another reason why I’m pretty sure the photo was photoshopped, that being that the government does not buy used stuff (with the exception of law enforcement buying used vehicles for undercover purposes). Even if the government did infact buy used vehicles, they would have atleast have given it a new paint job, and have put FEMA’s actual logo on it rather than in big red words “FEMA DISASTER RELIEF”.
Also, there is one more thing about the photo that has lead me to believe that it is fake, and that being the comment of the person themselves.
The comment made on the photo says that it’s heading north after “leaving” the FBI building in Virginia. My question which one?
The obvious answer would ofcourse be Quantico, which is the location of both the FBI Academy and the FBI Laboratory. But thing about all of this (besides the fact that the person making the comment might have been mislead about where the truck is coming from and going to, or is just outright lying) is why would the FBI employ FEMA to do something that it itself could do? More importantly if the FBI was trying to do something secretive then why wouldn’t it use either a blank vehicle, or a vehicle that has a name on it other than the name of another government agency on it in such clear, bold letters?

All the evidence put together has lead me to concluded that the photo is fake, and that either it was created for the purpose of fooling conspiracy theorists and having a good laugh at their gullibility, or by a conspiracy theorist whom wished to make his or her claims about police state conspiracy theories seem more legit.

FM 3-39.40 proves FEMA camps are real… Or does it?

By Jeffrey Newell of the Saiyan Skeptic and Thomas Proffit of “Is that a FEMA Camp”

There are rumors of US military document and training manual called FM 3-39.40 (alternate link) also known as Internment and Resettlement Operation being used as evidence of FEMA Concentration camps.

The document is believed by many conspiracy theorists to be “proof” that the United States government is going to place citizens in interment camps and that the military was being trained to operate these places.

The YouTube Video regarding this can be found Here

While watching the video (which is 3:37 minutes, but tries to explain a 325 page document in that time frame) I could tell that the person who made it was obviously quote mining the document and taking a lot of things out of context, with many things that were just not mentioned.

One thing that was not mentioned was the Introduction section:

I/R operations facilitate the ability to conduct rapid and decisive combat operations; deter, mitigate, and defeat threats to populations that may result in conflict; reverse conditions of human suffering; and build the capacity of a foreign government to effectively care for and govern its population. This includes capabilities to conduct shaping operations across the spectrum of military operations to mitigate and defeat the underlying conditions for conflict and counter the core motivations that result in support to criminal, terrorist, insurgent, and other destabilizing groups. I/R operations also include the daily incarceration of U.S. military prisoners at facilities throughout the world. 
This manual continues the evolution of the I/R function to support the changing nature of OEs. In light of persistent armed conflict and social turmoil throughout the world, the effects on populations remain a compelling issue. The world population will increase from 6 billion to 9 billion in the next two decades, with 95 percent of the growth occurring in the developing world. By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Coexisting demographically and ethnically, diverse societies will aggressively compete for limited resources. 
Typically, overpopulated third world societies suffer from a lack of legitimate and effective enforcement mechanisms, which is generally accepted as one of the cornerstones of a stable society. Stability within a population may eliminate the need for direct military intervention. The goal of military police conducting detainee operations is to provide stability within the population, its institutions, and its infrastructure. In this rapidly changing and dynamic strategic environment, U.S. forces will compete with local populations for the same space, routes, and resources. The modular force’s ability to positively influence and shape the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of select populations is critical to tactical, operational, and strategic success. 
An adaptive enemy will manipulate populations that are hostile to U.S. intent by instigating mass civil disobedience, directing criminal activity, masking their operations in urban and other complex terrain, maintaining an indistinguishable presence through cultural anonymity, and actively seeking the traditional sanctuary of protected areas as defined by the rules of land warfare. Such actions will facilitate the dispersal of threat forces, negate technological overmatches, and degrade targeting opportunities. Commanders will use technology and conduct police intelligence operations to influence and control populations, evacuate detainees and, conclusively, transition rehabilitative and reconciliation operations to other functional agencies. The combat identification of friend, foe, or neutral is used to differentiate combatants from noncombatants and friendly forces from threat forces. 
FM 3-39.40 is written with the acknowledgement that today’s OEs are much more variable than the environments addressed in previous doctrine. Military police must be prepared to deploy into any OE and conduct I/R operations in support of the commander while dealing with a wide range of threats and other influences. This manual builds on the collective knowledge and wisdom gained through recent operations, numerous lessons learned, doctrine revisions, and the deliberate process of informed reasoning throughout the Army. It is rooted in time-tested principles and fundamentals, while accommodating new technologies and organizational changes. 
This iteration of FM 3-39.40 has been driven by a lack of existing doctrine for the rehabilitation and reconciliation of detainees and changes in OEs, the Army structure, and Army and joint doctrine. Changes not already mentioned above that have directly affected this manual include the— 
• Integration of I/R operations within the overarching counterinsurgency or irregular warfare efforts of current operations. 
• Development of terms of reference for detainee typology and standardization of procedures for detainee assessment. 
Note. Recent decisions by the Executive Branch have adjusted the typology in JP 3-63.
• Implementation of standardized programs and methods for rehabilitation, reconciliation, and repatriation of detainees. 
• Planning, employment, and sustainment of military police capabilities in support of all echelons while conducting I/R operations. 
• Alignment of I/R operations with the sustainment warfighting function. 
• Technological and doctrinal updates to material in other publications. 
The foundations of military police operations provided in this manual, together with related military police doctrine, will support the actions and decisions of commanders at all levels. Like FM 3-39, this manual is not meant to be a substitute for thought and initiative among military police leaders and Soldiers. No matter how robust the doctrine or advanced the military police capabilities and systems, it is the military police Soldier who must understand the OE, recognize shortfalls, and adapt to the situation on the ground. It is the adaptable and professional military police Soldiers of the Military Police Corps Regiment who are most important to the future and must successfully perform their basic skills to accomplish the mission, with or without technology assistance.
Now if you read the Introduction you can tell that this doesn’t have anything at all to do with the United States and it’s citizens. It concerns what the military is suppose to do with displaced civilians in disaster areas and war zones that the United States is involved in in third world countries.
While there are certain things in that document that I don’t agree with, it only concerns the United States military operations overseas, and not domestically, and it most certainly does not prove that FEMA camps are real.

States that are not claimed to have FEMA camps

By Thomas Proffit of “Is that a FEMA camp”

According to many “Patriot” websites, most states of the 50 states of the United States are alleged to have FEMA camps located within their borders. Some states have upwards of a dozen or more FEMA camps, some states have only one or two, but apparently only about half a dozen states are claimed to not have any FEMA camps located within their borders.

This page contains a list of the states don’t apparently have any FEMA camps located within them:

(Author’s Note: This list is subject to change whenever someone misidentifies a building or a facility in one of these states as being a FEMA camp location)


Apparently the Green Mountain State doesn’t have any FEMA camps located inside it’s borders. I don’t know why there wouldn’t be to be quite honest.

Despite the fact that it’s a small state, there are plenty of places there to put one due to the state’s mountainous terrain and heavily forested areas…

Rhode Island

The smallest state in the union apparently is simply to small to host a FEMA camp in. Heck, most sites don’t even have Rhode Island even listed at all, but they still at least list other states that doesn’t have an alleged FEMA camp in it as “No Data Available”.

Maybe the operators of these sites that claim that FEMA camps are real don’t believe that Rhode Island is a state???


According to the websites that list FEMA camp locations, the state right next door to Rhode Island also doesn’t have any FEMA camps located in it either…

With this, this means that only half the states in New England have alleged FEMA camps located within them, and there are only a total of four alleged FEMA camp locations at that…

Maybe the government doesn’t feel the need to put FEMA camps up there???


The smallest of the mid-Atlantic states, and the second smallest of all 50 states also apparently doesn’t have any FEMA camps located within it’s three counties.

Maybe it’s like Rhode Island and is just to small to host a FEMA camp…


Big state. Lots of wide open spaces. No FEMA camps.

Iowa is the only state west of the Mississippi river to not have an alleged FEMA camp located within it’s borders. I have no idea why this is, but no one has made a claim of one being there… yet


This state apparently was once claimed to host a FEMA camp within it’s borders, but most FEMA camp location websites say that location is a hoax…

In fact the claim goes as this: These sites are confirmed hoaxes. Hancock County – NASA test site De Soto National Forest. “These two supposed camps in Mississippi do not exist. Members of the Mississippi Militia have checked these out on more than one occasion beginning back when they first appeared on the Internet and throughout the Patriot Movement.” – Commander D. Rayner, Mississippi Militia

This location is the only location that many of these FEMA camp location websites have ever admitted to being a hoax, despite the fact that through my research I’ve found that many of these FEMA camp locations to be nothing more than hoaxes.

Also apparently the people running these sites can’t count, because that’s only one location, not two.

Obama ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins for use in FEMA camps? More BS fear mongering.

By Thomas J Proffit of “Is That a FEMA Camp


Recently the old FEMA camp myth has once again reared it’s ugly head around internet, this time making it appear that President Obama has ordered $1,000,000,000 worth of “disposable coffins”, as you can clearly see from this screen shot below:


And from this article here.

When I was reading the article one of the first things that clued me in that this was just a bunch of BS and anti-government fear mongering were the pictures.

All of these pictures have been spreading around the internet for years now in various conspiracy theorist websites and forums.

Despite what the website wants you to believe, these pictures are actually pretty old. Infact they’ve been around since the George W. Bush administration, as have these claims.

The pictures were also taken at a storage facility for Vantage, a company that manufactures plastic coffin liners, not some government storage facility. If it was a government storage facility the people who took the photos would most likely not have been given access to the facility for various security and liability reasons, or at the very least they would have been escorted around the facility to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves or damage something.

Also, these so called “disposable coffins” are neither disposable nor coffins. They’re meant to hold to coffins, and they’re meant to stay in the ground for who knows how long.

While some coffin liners are bought by the government for things like military funerals, most of these purchases are made by funeral home to be used in private funerals.

The second thing I noticed about the article was the total lack of any references to back up all the claims made. All there was were some old pictures, an old video from 2 1/2 years ago that shows nothing but a few documents that means nothing and also has no links to the documents that are mentioned, and some ignorant people who clearly do not know that a coffin goes inside a coffin liner, and also makes up some outrageous claims without any sort of documents or evidence to back up these claims.

The fact is that there is nothing new about this story. This type of “story” has been floating around in one form or another for years and predates President Obama.

President Obama didn’t order $1,000,000,000 worth of coffins, and Marshall Law is not about about to be implemented. All this is is more classic fear mongering being promoted by people who are very paranoid, or who hate the government, or (usually) both.